Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: Life of Pi

Saw Life Of Pi with The Bustling Metropolis One last week, in the wee Whakatane theatre.  SPOILERS following, obviously.

The story follows a boy stranded in a lifeboat after the ship carrying his family and their zoo's-worth of animals is sunk in the middle of the ocean, on the way to a new life in Canada.  Everyone dies, apparently, except for Pi (short for Piscine, though linked to the number at school to avoid teasing) and a Bengal tiger, who at the very end disappears into the Mexican jungle, a beach alongside on which they finally land (the tiger who it turns out, is only a metaphor for himself.  Sorry to shatter the illusion this early in the game).

The storm scenes I hated, but more for my own fear of storms on the open ocean than anything to do with the movie itself.  The floating meerkat island was weird; was it supposed to be a metaphor for something else? Going mad?  False hope?  False gods?!  Soul-destroying consumerism?!

I do have one lingering question - if in the end there was no tiger, it was only Pi - why on earth did he build the raft?! (which lead to him losing all of his supplies in a storm).  And if he sealed the godamn boat at the beginning of the storm he wouldn't flood it.  Gah.

I think I liked it.  I'm sorry the illusion was broken at the end, but I see why they did it, and it does leave a powerful impression.  I'm also sorry they skipped over the Muslim religion explanation, of which The BMO assures me is covered in depth in the book.  Pandering to American audiences much?!

The graphics (for lack of a better word), were lovely.  Completely fantastical and quite beautiful.

Worth a look, but not one I think I'd see again.

On a side note, did see The Quartet with Mother, Grandmother and Family Friend, and it was...lovely?  They all loved it, I found it a bit...slow?  Empty?  Age gap, situation, fo'sure.  Definitely one for a lazy Sunday or to treat the parentals.  Maggie is, of course, fabulous.  And Billy is always going to be a winner.  Apart from that...yeah.

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