Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: Jack Reacher

Urgh, I am in mental anguish even contemplating writing this.

Painful fact being - "Jack Reacher" wasn't that bad.

Oh god.  I am such a literary traitor.

Ok, lets look at this like a movie, and not an adaptation of a book character I really love.  The plot was good (of course it was, Lee Child) and Tom-the-psycho's performance was reminiscent of his Mission: Impossible (One, obviously) days.  That used to be one of my favourite movies, pre-psycho-Tom.

Tom just is absolutely not Jack.  He is not tall enough, not rugged enough, his hands are not 'the size of dinner plates' and I highly doubt that man has ever grown, or been able to grow, an attractive face-of-stubble in his entire life.  Jack is extremely specific and he is just not Tom (and, probably quite obviously now, I love Jack and I do not love Tom.  Gah!  The potential! Wasted!).  So, that point vehemently expressed, his acting is not actually that bad.  There was one scene, where he is beating up a group of huge rednecks, where he looks ridiculous.  There is only so much clever camera angles can do.

The movie is not bad.  It has a lot of plot development and from the murmurings of the group behind us in the wee WhakaMax theatre (I'm being polite, they weren't murmuring, they were chatting.  Unashamedly) this was unexpected.  Not nearly enough "gun fights" and "when is he going to kill more people, bro?" going on.  I'm left thinking that this was a massive ploy by Tom-&-Company (cough cough) to reinvent his image; I can't imagine LC would have OK'd this had there not been massive monetary incentive.  How could you abandon your invention so completely otherwise?!

So, if you are a fan of the books, forget it is Jack and you might not hate the movie, too.  If you've never read the books then you'll probably like the movie, assuming you are not of the ilk of our philistine cinema companions expecting a Bay-type explosion extravaganza.


In other, but related news, I've caught up on the latest two books; A Wanted Man (2012) was good, but didn't blow my mind.  The Affair (2011), however, I really liked.  It tells the story of the scandal which lead to his quitting the army and filled in quite a few blanks, plus a pretty good twist at the end.  Good stuff.

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