Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doctoral Rant and...medicine?

So I've been rather preoccupied lately with the continuation of this issue (the fevers were infections, and I have never been more impressed with the bodies healing/coping ability than I am now, in retrospect), and had to register with a doctor up here to get things rolling.  And because I know y'all are nosey (in good company) turns out the Dunedin doc misdiagnosed me and the treatment I was on was actively preventing me from healing, which is ridiculous and I am angry.  Took a very expensive visit to a specialist to sort it out, but I am on the mend, finally (after 3 months of excruciating pain) and in retrospect it is impressive that I was able to function at all my last ~month at work (and should have gone to hospital when I missed that conference...maybe).  High pain tolerance for the win.

Soldier on, my lovelies, soldier on.

Anyway: Filled in all the deets on the registration form for the new doc surgery, including circling 'Dr' as my title (with no small amount of internal squee-ing, yes).  Went back today for blood tests, turns out the receptionist thought I was joking and had changed my title to 'Miss'.

 Because people 'joke' on forms like that?!


Sorted that shit out, quick smart.  The receptionists at this place are known for their condescension and massive sense of entitlement, so my ire was certainly primed.  Luckily the doc is brill and we chatted about science for the first half of my first visit.  She had an interest in my research area and was even familiar with my thesis-funding bodies work.  Best doc I've had so far.

Bloods back in a week, that'll be interesting.


  1. Omg, did you get to deliver your retort to the receptionist with the bitchslap it deserved? Was it awesome?! Lol.

  2. She simpered and said something like "Oh well yes, you'll want to use that whenever you can". I just looked and raised an eyebrow.

  3. eyebrow raise. brilliant response!