Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Presents are Better Late

BigSib sent parcels over from London in early November and two were still missing come Christmas.  The last Chrissie parcel finally turned up last week and my Birthday parcel turned up today.

I fully maintain that unexpected presents are better than expected ones.  Like flowers for no reason from, or for, someone you love.  Just sayin'.

BigSib sends over the best presents.   There was also a packet of Jaffa Cakes (which expired on the 5th Jan, which I noticed after): I had them with a pot of tea.  Delish.
Cath Kidston has very pretty floral prints (and produces my iPhone cases of choice) and I'm looking forward to a year of these wee note cards accompanying presents and parcels to my people.

Zombie cupcakes?!  Win!  So, so win!  I''ve a little practice in this area, so this new development is going to be fun.  Baking and weird - two of my favourite things.
These cookie stamps are complete win, I'm going to bail from the computer in a mo (the job apps can wait till tomorrow, right?!) and whip up a batch of sugar cookies.  I'm going to crush some blueberries in.  I'm all about the blueberries at the mo.  Oooo I can't wait.

The Hoggy Warty crest to the left of the stamps is a badge and so cute.   Its making me want a leather satchel to pin it on front and centre...must-repress-the-hipster-tendencies...

Big Sib is back for a visit in Feb, and at this rate I'll still be here and will actually see her.  Will leave some cookies in the freezer as a backup plan anyhow.

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