Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New...Urgh

What a week.  I turned a year older!  That was...yeah.

Not all doom and gloom; we (Mum and Dad and a couple they have been tight with since their uni days) sat on the deck until late the night before with candles and some very old fireworks.  I made kumara risotto and they made pesto chicken and we finished off with a chocolate hazelnut torte I had made (roasted and ground the nuts myself - it was an experience.  And to be perfectly honest, Mum did the actual grinding, but...yeah).

I went to bed early and read without interruption.  Then slept till awoken by BigSib ringing from London at an unseemly hour.  The day was...yeah.  I'm just going to blackbox that shit.  There were some bright spots (you know who you are, you sweeties!) and I made a jellyfied raspberry cake:

That was...different.  Not a single long-plate in the house.  Never would have thought I would see the day when the parents lacked a dish.

So...yeah.  Got older.  That happened.

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