Friday, December 21, 2012

The Thanking Of The Supe

It's always tricky thinking of a gift to thank your supervisor - for years of putting up with your grad-student shit.

But I had an idea, and when finding a random antique box turned out to be impossible, I enlisted my brilliant Father's aid.  The specifications:  A cabinet to fit a bottle of whiskey and a glass, on which the front of I could attach engraved plaques.

He went over and above the call of duty.

He also liked the idea so much that the one I got was indeed several down the production line, since it became a gift for others/various things, from him along the way.

So this wee beauty is the official gift-of-thanking from Doctor Married One and Myself (which, incidentally, is now officially Doctor SM Morgan (had to slip that in there)).  And I stuffed a collection of blank plaques in the glass shelf so that the next round of PhD students can be added to the record.
Of course I wrapped it with Drosophila.  And Dr MO didn't even say a word about the lack of bees.  Win!

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