Thursday, December 13, 2012

So it begins


Mum and Dad arrived yesterday, we went to Paasha for dinner, for old times sake.  One of the co-owners came over for a chat - I've been going there for 7 years, back in third year the flat went there every Friday for takeout (back when it was slightly cheaper...).  Beaut food, as ever.
Mum on the phone to Nans.  Don't miss your flight!

The rest of the whanau (able to make it) arrive on planes today from Hawkes Bay/Whakatane/Auckland.  I couldn't sleep - the excitement is building.  Before M&D arrived it wasn't quite real, but now...

The Married Ones get back from their Rail Trail tonight and I'm hoping we can pick up our regalia together.  And The Oxford One is trying to make it down for our lab reunion/coffee meetup tomorrow, I am so, so excited.

We had a wander around the Octy after dinner, I've never snuck around the back of First Church before, but that shit is gorgeous.




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