Monday, December 24, 2012

On Repeat and The Hobbit

So these are intertwined, though randomly.

Saw the Hobbit with a group of boys from work in 3D HFR and it was...weird.  I'm not normally a fan of the 3D and see everything 2D, I tend not to notice it after the first 10 minutes and consider it a waste of money.  The HFR actually made the movie seem...too real.  Too crisp?  I can't adequately describe it, but I'm also not sure if I liked it.  It didn't really feel like a story, you know?!  Will take my parents to it in 2D (I'll pretend its deliberate, but the odds are the wee Whakatane theatre won't show anything else) and decide which I ultimately like better.

And I'm gonna claim it - Thorin is a cutie.

However, one of the ads at the beginning was using this song for its track and it got stuck in my brain straight away.  It shall forever make me think of The Hobbit and having The Hairy One fidgeting at my side.
Its funny actually, this one was his fault too.  (not sure why I'm assigning blame for mere situational proximity, but there you go.  I'm a Doctor, I can do whatever I want).

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