Monday, December 24, 2012

Kina! And politics.

Accompanied The Loitering One out to Portobello this last week to help him clean and feed his lab's Kina stocks.

There were a couple tanks of Paua being grown for seeding back into the wild:
A dude was patiently sifting through them one by one to pull out the dead'uns.  Epic effort.

We found a seahorse in amongst the kelp.  (Kina feed on the kelp, and 'feeding them' involves fishing kelp out of the harbour with a large hoop on a very long pole & dumping it in their tanks).
He wasn't very happy.  Nor healthy.  TLO released him back into the harbour, but I doubt he made far.

I grabbed a vid of the kina waving about in the empty tank, they're pretty freaking cool little beasties.  I tagged along a couple times and it always seems to be in good weather, strange that.
Passed the long ride out and back with delightful discussion ranging through politics, news and gossip, and how the world would be changed should TLO be PM and I VC.  It'll happen.  And it'll be a glorious future.

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