Monday, December 24, 2012

Graduation Baby, Yeah

aka "The Day I Became A Doctor"

...good god but it still doesn't feel real.  And fair warning - this is going to be a ridiculously gratuitous photo post.

Master Farm Girl came back from Ireland to grad her MSc and brought with her her lovely partner, who just so happened to charm the wits out of my parents.  Can't wait to catch up with them in the northern hemisphere.

Master Mini One grad her MSc, (in a Doctor sandwich):
and of course the Doctors' Married One both grad their PhDs:
And to make it a real party, Doctor Veined One grad his PhD also.  (so named for possession of ridiculous muscle definition, fyi.  Such a sweetie).
And an extra one with my Homegirl, just for shits and giggles.  Remember her submission?  And mine?!  Good times.
I love my people!

So much win, I was almost completely overwhelmed the entire day (and considering the following week passed so quickly and my heart still bleeds, it is mighty strange looking back...).

Oooo, so the parade was possibly the best bit - walking up the front with the awesomely educated people.
The Long Haired One and The Crazy One had come out to watch us, Doctor Married One and I ran over to squeeze the bajezus out of TCO, the sweetie.

Doctors' Married held hands the entire parade and I didn't make the vom noise once!  I was so proud of myself (you thought you'd get away without my saying anything didn't you chickens?!  Silly).  Was maybe, slightly, infinitesimally cute.  Maybe.

The whanau started the day with Bacon Butties at the farmers market followed by obligatory photos around the clocktower.  There were 7 of us, so everything took two car-loads; next time I'm hiring a bloody van.
The Baby Cousin thinking...and my disbelieving the effort.
I tried very hard to allow some nice photos, but there's only so much a girl can take.
You try taking serious photos with my family, honestly.

However, there were more than enough good'uns, though my favourites tend to be more...candid.

The Ickle Baby Brother (left) and The Baby Cousin (right, dirty box-cut mullet included, he trimmed it, if you can believe it, just for me.  25cm down to 5.  Good god) in their proper places:
Uncle and my lovely Nans (the amazing knitter):
 And the long-suffering parentals:
Nothing if not traditional in our Otago photos (I shit you not, there was a line for pics in this spot, people were getting pissy with us.  Pfft):
I felt like such a short-ass.  Shortest in the family.  Extended family, even.  I think even my Nana is still slightly taller than me.

Post-graduation at the reception tent we caught up again for the traditional bat-photos, this time with The Magic Postdoc and The Supe.
Even snuck in a rugby team photo:


The stupid boys decided that my first act as a Doctor had to be 'feeding the family', so made me drive them through the KFC drive-in, in my full PhD Regalia and order them a bucket of chicken.  Bastards.

Met up with some of the kids in town that night after a very lengthy grad-dinner, had a good boogie with The Loitering One, who in retrospect doesn't even remember it.  Typical.

So, overall - an amazing, epic weekend.

And off I go, Snape-like, into the future.  Doctor. 

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  1. ah it was so good to see you as well!!! accidentally read this post out to B, his head is currently twice the size it usually is haha