Saturday, December 1, 2012

Get off my lawn

It's national crate day and most of the kids from work are currently in an extremely inappropriate state of inebriation. I made it ~2 hours before becoming overwhelmed with the massive number of drunk people in far too small a space and retreated home for the blessed solitude and companionship of the beloved LOTR films.


I am waaaay too old for such shenanagans. And I start with the judging and the disappointment, which is not conducive to healthy friendships. Though having like-minded company for LOTR love would be most welcome. Perhaps it is time-ripe for change.

I made peanut maple cinnamon scrolls to take round for lunch, though by the time I left at ~3 the BBQ had yet to be fired up, & I suspect my efforts were wasted on drink-addled tastebuds. I stole one as I snuck out the door, definitely a recipe I'll be making again, though they took a lot longer to bake than recommended.

Yesterday I snuck out to the shoe shop after avotea to get a present for The Mini One. She's been wearing the same lab shoes since the beginning of her Masters and they were held together by masking tape and hope, I shit you not. They were worse than The Hairy One's, whose I filled with jelly. I have photos of new & old, though who knows where this app will insert them, and they certainly don't show the extent of destruction in the old pair. Horrific.

Crazy tiny feet, has that girl.


"You cannot give me this"
"It is mine to give to whom I will. Like my heart". It's just so much less cheesy when an elf says it. Pity.

"One does not simply walk into Mordor". Fuck I love this shit!!

Rock on.

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