Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crying Inside

How am I supposed to leave?!


Last Thursday the lab went on its annual Day O' Fun-combined Chrissie Party in a rented van (and a couple cars) out to Orokonui and then for a picnic at Doctors Point.  I catered the 13 person-picnic and as usual - had waaaay too much fun.

I roasted potato and kumara and made a salad with seeds and red onion and feta and baby spinach and balsamic vinaigrette...This salad and my couscous salad are my best two salads.  Ooo and my tuna pasta salad...OK, so I have more than a few fav's.

I baked a bacon and egg pie, though the egg seeped through the top and turned the flaky pastry into eggy bread (still delish).

I made club sandwiches(?).  Only using wholemeal flat bread, cream cheese, ham and cucumber.

I baked cream cheese pound cake (one of my fav cake recipes, though it is doubled) and white chocolate apricot cookies.

The cake and the pie I pre-cut so we didn't need to take sharp knives.  That didn't stop the honours student from upturning the cake tin (I had it sitting in the lid for easy serving).

We ate on the grass verge by the estuary and then had a good post-lunch walk up the beach - beaut cave and rock formations at Doctors Point, one of which the supe couldn't resist climbing (blue smudge, top left photo).

It was overcast but didn't rain on us once all day, which was more than we hoped for.  The Ecosanctuary is beautiful and I definitely recommend anyone visit if they are in town.  I would dearly love to go at night and sit listening for kiwi.

We also did a bit of a Secret Santa present swap, full of inappropriate jokes and hilarity, as usual.  I got a walking stick to help with my 'lameness', lovingly filled with only my favourite jellybean colours - orange, green and white.  It was amazing.  It has also proved more than adept at whacking and poking.  Brill gift.

So - my last lab Crissie party.

Who would have thought this place would worm its way so thoroughly into my stone cold heart?!


  1. It's hard. I've been in my lab ten years now, and tomorrow is my last Christmas party. It feels very ...incomplete, somehow, to leave with only unemployment to go to, but that's how it is.
    I hope you're keeping an eye on that bloody angel. Don't blink.

    1. Ha! Legend! That's exactly what I was thinking.