Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Baking!

Four batches of three-chocolate cranberry cookies for gifting.

I used up my stock of cookie bags, which is perhaps good timing.  Hopefully not too much more baking before I leave (the freezer is full of cookies and cakes...)

I am of course disappointed in this last bag; one too many red cookies, one short green.  Disappointed. (So, this bag is being sacrificed to the mouths at coffee this morning).

I have been slowly cleaning out all my junk at work, inclusive of which is four years worth of teaching lab manuals (I didn't teach at all this year).  I love teaching and to think I'm not going to get a chance again until at least two postdocs and a lectureship-position-hire in the future, is sad.

Also - four years of demonstrator highjinks and hilarity.  Good times.  Missed.

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