Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chrissie wrapping, fly style

So I photo-shopped the classic Dros. image green, random rotated and multiplied, and then double-side colour printed to get raw materials for a new quick paper project.  I've been wanted to try for ages, but just never got around to it.

Using this tutorial as a basic guide (its frustrating as all hell, but I couldn't be bothered finding another one, when all you really need is the strip dimensions), though I used only 3 and not 4 base pieces.  Its not at all difficult and a good way to fill waiting times between running Q PCR plates.
The wrapping paper I've brought this year is red, hence the green fly decision. 
Such a sense of accomplishment.  Silly.  Works fine with glue, though if you could work your fingers to hold the whole thing together and still get one staple in there, that would be so much more solid.  Near impossible without destroying the bows, however (maybe with a tiny long-armed stapler?!).
You know the gift giver gives with love when Drosophila are involved.  Tempted to try with small protein or DNA molecules and so on, maybe for next years wrapping theme.

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