Friday, December 21, 2012

Carding and Gifting

The whanau did the Speights Tour (and 'toured' a couple pubs after...) on Friday, leaving The Baby Cousin feeling a little worse for wear. (and bounced from a supermarket, for godsake).

To be fair, Ickle Brother curled up in the corner of the lounge soon after.  Between these three miscreants (none of whom have ever/yet to finish highschool) and myself, we average a first year university education, which is pretty...epic? (on my contribution at least).

The Ickle Brother got me a very pretty grad gift, from his place-of-work:
Honey stuff, smells completely divine.

Also got a couple cards that day, the first Doctor salutation from The Scottish One, in the States

And the second from The BigSib, in London.
Very cool.  Special feels, all around.

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