Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Be still, my bleeding, weeping heart

So.  I left.

It hasn't sunk in yet.  I think it will be January, and my not being able to go back like normal that will do it.  Then I'll start crying and not stop.

And everyone will go on with their lives without me.  And I will not be a part of it.

After five years.  Of very much so being a part.

Urgh.  Its hard to talk about it even.  I miss my people!


So I had one week after grad and people started drifting off; I made four trips out to the airport for drop-offs, and the last was the hardest, though its entirely my own fault.

My beautiful lab group got me two very special presents, which were presented at my last lab-lunch.  I don't know which to show first, since both are so very special to me.

So, this pendant, which I have coveted for ages, and which The Crazy One noticed and remembered.  Especially loved to be able to take a bit of home with me, wherever I end up for my first postdoc.
Totally avoided getting cleavage in the shot.  Win.

Ok, second present, and you are not going to believe this, but - a beautifully packaged (Heh) Drosophila snow globe:
With embryos for snow.  (There's even a couple wee larvae which snuck in there just for kicks).

I have no words.

So much love.  Seriously.

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