Friday, November 23, 2012


So that sucked camel balls.  Things went rather downhill after last Thursday, but not to worry, I'm alive and feeling human again.  Missed my conference in Palmy, the supe gave my talk (and probably with more confidence and finesse than I would have), and I am back in the lab for the mornings, will try for a full day on Monday.  

Onwards and upwards, yeah?


The department are testing fire alarms this morning, which means they are going off at unpredictable random intervals of 2-5 minutes.  Its like some hideous audio-torture.  I threw crap all over the kitchen upstairs whilst making the first hot drink of the day, who knew there was a massive old-school fire alarm bell right above that door?!  Luckily it was early enough that I was still alone.  Though to be fair, throwing tea bags all over a professor first thing in the morning would be pretty hilarious.

Have solved the problem by plugging in, might even upgrade the playlist to Chrissie tunes...

I've been ordering bits and pieces for Chrissie and Birthday gifts from all over the world, bargain hunting more fiercely than usual considering my severe lack of funds.  Its very exciting.  Plain-but-special things this year, one in particular I am ridiculously excited about.  It arrived yesterday.  The perfect present for this particular person.  How can I wait 32 days to share the love?!  I love giving presents, it makes me so godamn happy.  And the fancy wrapping...

The theses got hard bound!  Some issues with the silly people spelling The Married One's name wrong, but they re-lettered the spines in only a couple extra days, so the copies were into the clock tower in plenty of time for the grad cut-off of noon today (they also changed my spine title, but I was past caring by that point  - what a freaking mission).  We also got a second chocolate fish, which I think slightly lessons the impact of the first one...TMO's is waiting for her in her box of theses.  
Cousins!  TMO's in front box, my kiddies in the back

I'm slightly disappointed in my mainstreaming - got sky-blue leather binding.  If you have enough time you can supply your own fabric, like maybe custom printed from here (damn you Knitting One!!!) thesis, I promise.
The ageing thesis - soft bound to hard.

I was going for continuity - if I had the option I would have used maroon binding paper on the insides, but apparently the library bindery imports the paper from the States, and only in cream.  Weird.

So I guess...that's all done then?!

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