Sunday, November 4, 2012

Same Old

Made sugar cookies, experimental colour.  Will take some for viva in case we get a tea break...

 Ended up with beautifully stained hands:
And because I can't help myself - made a red velvet cake for tomorrow's seminar, first peeps in get cake for lunch, and a blue velvet one for The Hairy One's birthday on Wednesday.  That one is in the freezer, un-iced. Figured I wouldn't have time to bake between now and post-viva, but should have a mo to whip up some icing.
And now - I practice.  See if I can't burn through 60 slides in 30 minutes.  Ha.


  1. I love that you are bringing cookies to your own viva! The sang froid of it all!

    1. I'm all about the sangfroid in the face of scary things and horrible people. It engenders such a beautiful feeling of complacence after the fact.

      And also - Sprinkles!