Friday, November 30, 2012

Life goes on

I seem to have fallen into an interesting posting schedule of late - like, only once a week.  What a change.  Busy eh?!

All those endings...3 weeks I have left in Dunedin.  After 9 years.  Good god but that's going to be an epic change to get used to.  I might be having a slight freak out already.  I just don't want to leave my beloved people.  (The un-loved; not a problem...).  Its going to be so heartbreakingly lonely until I get settled somewhere new and meet new ones.  Urgh.

I haven't been rejected from any of the jobs I applied for yet, which is better than bad news, but still - the wait is torturous!  Supe said he got asked for a reference for at least one, so fingers crossed my life has purpose from January yeah?

The Veterinary One is in Welly for The Hobbit prem, so jelly.  We went down to the ROTK prem in our 7th form and it was one of the best days of my life.  Looking forward to catching up with her over the summer.  Its been so long.

The Mother has taken up the habit of texting me around the 6:30am mark, including on weekends.  This habit ends now.  Fair warning: I'm going to start sending open packets of dog treats in the mail so that the puppies get into the habit of destroying your letters.  She's also been sending teasing photos like this:
Perhaps I will send the dog treats anyway...

Speaking of habits, had a whole-day-long debate with The Hairy One yesterday about sexism, which of course devolved into simple, deliberate winding me up.  I fight the urge to push him into traffic with every breath.  For example, this article as proof of 'women ruining it for all of us men'.  RARGHHH!  (read it, its heartbreakingly, soul-destroyingly "funny").  I just...I can' can...why...URGH!  Gah!


The Loitering One proved his baking prowess once and for all yesterday with Éclairs (there's been a lot of talk, very little proof).  Colour me very impressed.  I don't make my own pastry, I've never bothered.  Delicious.

Visited the New Fly Postdoc and her wee baby yesterday, whom has grown crazy heaps and is now quite possibly the most beautiful little girl-baby I have ever seen.  Seriously.  Good genes.  Damn all my friends having babies!  Beautiful people, beautiful babies.  Can't wait for the BigSib to procreate, bit of a prediction as to what I can expect...maybe.  One day.  Hopefully...

Took experimental baking around to NFP+baby; fresh banana cookies made from this recipe here.
These ones were for The Old One-plus-One, sharing the sampling love

More like little cakes.  Straight out of the oven they just dissolved in your mouth - amazing.  Might try again will less flour and more butter to try for a chewy texture rather than 'cake'.  Never used banana in cookies before.  I also made rice bubble cakes after childhood reminiscing induced by The Farm Girl (who is coming back soon!  Man, grad week is going to be epic!), only I chopped up a block of raspberry white chocolate into the mix, so - very rich, very delicious, very summer.
Primer design?  Urgh.  Peace Out Homies.

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