Thursday, November 15, 2012


So much of the Drama this week.  Fall out from Friday night and the unfortunate binge drinking culture (don't even get me started on this particular rant), and several of my most beloved people needing hugs for things I can't fix, which drives me nuts (because I want to), plus some unfortunate pain-leading-to-a-fever for the most of this week.  Fun times.  (I lie, its horrific - have you ever been in so much pain that it induced a fever?! Doctor assures me it should be ok in a week but I am not in a trusting mood...).

But I fully believe in the healing power of time, so am striving to be patient - in all things.

In other news, The Magic Postdoc brought me a present:

Possibly the best present you can buy a baker.  Made sugar cookies again for lab meeting on Wednesday morning, this time I made purple and blue, rolled them out and then rolled them up together to get a swirl pattern going on.  Of course I was too impatient and didn't refrigerate the dough for long enough so the shape was horrific when I cut and baked them.  Squashed edges into sprinkles prior to baking, that was fun.  Also made a small batch of hideous green with red speckles and chocolate hail accoutrement for the non-lab members morning tea, since The Little One asked.  As it is probably quite apparent - I am completely incapable of saying no to anyone.  Love it.

Speaking of saying no - apparently my kitten is worrying my Nana by not eating the cat meat she has been buying (vast amounts of cat biscuits and harbour birds, however).  Somehow she has forgotten that he is exceptionally fussy (again), but my Mother is on it - she is determined to go in and buy the expensive fancy cat food in wee tins for him and take it round to my kittens Nana's house today to ensure he gets a good feed.  I like that my animals are keeping my whanau on their toes.  Wouldn't want the humans to think they were in charge.

Next week The Crazy One and I (and the PI's) are off up to Palmy for the annual soul-owners conference (the org that funds our work and scholarships) which should be fun - catching up with people and so on.  Plus you know - Palmy.  Home of all things fun. *cough*

Four weeks till Grad!

Soldier on my lovelies, soldier on.

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