Friday, November 9, 2012

Feel the Love

OK, firstly - Birthday cake for The Hairy One on Wednesday:

'Blue velvet' chocolate cake with nutella and apricot jam in the middle layer (I was feeling rebellious and non-conformist at midnight post-viva) and a beautiful ganache topping.  Good cake, made tongues go blue - neat!  I think I need to loosen up with the cream in my ganaches however, extremely solid come coffee time.

Yesterday was spent wrangling thesis documents for PDF making, The Mini One's, mostly - mine and The Married One's were all good to go.  And despite my whining, I think being able to help and being asked to, is the biggest complement.  So I loved that.  The two of us (Mini & I, Married was laxed out on the couch in Welly, cackling at us from afar - or so I imagined) then had colour and black/white versions of our three theses printed in...sextuplicate?!  So that was 18 piles of black/white and 18 piles of colour and a whole bunch of paper shuffling.  About 3 hours (yeah ok, we rounded up a smidge to make TMO feel worse) followed by much deserved icecream.  But - its all off to the bindery today and we have made the cut off with a whole 8 hours to spare.

Two boxes containing sextuplicate copies of three theses (yes, yes I am enjoying writing 'sextuplicate' more than is proper):
The Veined One came down to my office this morning in a wee panic, so I went over to the print shop with him first thing to submit his stack-of-thesis also.  That's a metric fucktonne of binding all up from my peeps.  Can't wait to pick'em up!

Yesterday we came back from the printing marathon to this:

Beautiful flowers from my whanau for passing my viva.  So sweet, so delighted.  This has been a hell of a year for flowers!

We are having a big BYO dinner tonight in celebration of mine and The Veined One's passing of viva's this week, the theme is Purple/Green/Yellow/Red (perhaps from these...) and my nails are prepared and waiting:

And another completely lovely friend just came in to drop off a congratulatory cake since '[I'm] the one that always bakes for everyone else' and she is completely lovely and I am just so touched and delighted and squee right now!  So much of the love!

And now...I'm not actually sure.  Coffee time?!
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