Friday, November 30, 2012

Epic House

This blows my mind.  Epic effort!

Via The Baby One and his not-secret Skrillex love.

Life goes on

I seem to have fallen into an interesting posting schedule of late - like, only once a week.  What a change.  Busy eh?!

All those endings...3 weeks I have left in Dunedin.  After 9 years.  Good god but that's going to be an epic change to get used to.  I might be having a slight freak out already.  I just don't want to leave my beloved people.  (The un-loved; not a problem...).  Its going to be so heartbreakingly lonely until I get settled somewhere new and meet new ones.  Urgh.

I haven't been rejected from any of the jobs I applied for yet, which is better than bad news, but still - the wait is torturous!  Supe said he got asked for a reference for at least one, so fingers crossed my life has purpose from January yeah?

The Veterinary One is in Welly for The Hobbit prem, so jelly.  We went down to the ROTK prem in our 7th form and it was one of the best days of my life.  Looking forward to catching up with her over the summer.  Its been so long.

The Mother has taken up the habit of texting me around the 6:30am mark, including on weekends.  This habit ends now.  Fair warning: I'm going to start sending open packets of dog treats in the mail so that the puppies get into the habit of destroying your letters.  She's also been sending teasing photos like this:
Perhaps I will send the dog treats anyway...

Speaking of habits, had a whole-day-long debate with The Hairy One yesterday about sexism, which of course devolved into simple, deliberate winding me up.  I fight the urge to push him into traffic with every breath.  For example, this article as proof of 'women ruining it for all of us men'.  RARGHHH!  (read it, its heartbreakingly, soul-destroyingly "funny").  I just...I can' can...why...URGH!  Gah!


The Loitering One proved his baking prowess once and for all yesterday with Ã‰clairs (there's been a lot of talk, very little proof).  Colour me very impressed.  I don't make my own pastry, I've never bothered.  Delicious.

Visited the New Fly Postdoc and her wee baby yesterday, whom has grown crazy heaps and is now quite possibly the most beautiful little girl-baby I have ever seen.  Seriously.  Good genes.  Damn all my friends having babies!  Beautiful people, beautiful babies.  Can't wait for the BigSib to procreate, bit of a prediction as to what I can expect...maybe.  One day.  Hopefully...

Took experimental baking around to NFP+baby; fresh banana cookies made from this recipe here.
These ones were for The Old One-plus-One, sharing the sampling love

More like little cakes.  Straight out of the oven they just dissolved in your mouth - amazing.  Might try again will less flour and more butter to try for a chewy texture rather than 'cake'.  Never used banana in cookies before.  I also made rice bubble cakes after childhood reminiscing induced by The Farm Girl (who is coming back soon!  Man, grad week is going to be epic!), only I chopped up a block of raspberry white chocolate into the mix, so - very rich, very delicious, very summer.
Primer design?  Urgh.  Peace Out Homies.

Friday, November 23, 2012


So that sucked camel balls.  Things went rather downhill after last Thursday, but not to worry, I'm alive and feeling human again.  Missed my conference in Palmy, the supe gave my talk (and probably with more confidence and finesse than I would have), and I am back in the lab for the mornings, will try for a full day on Monday.  

Onwards and upwards, yeah?


The department are testing fire alarms this morning, which means they are going off at unpredictable random intervals of 2-5 minutes.  Its like some hideous audio-torture.  I threw crap all over the kitchen upstairs whilst making the first hot drink of the day, who knew there was a massive old-school fire alarm bell right above that door?!  Luckily it was early enough that I was still alone.  Though to be fair, throwing tea bags all over a professor first thing in the morning would be pretty hilarious.

Have solved the problem by plugging in, might even upgrade the playlist to Chrissie tunes...

I've been ordering bits and pieces for Chrissie and Birthday gifts from all over the world, bargain hunting more fiercely than usual considering my severe lack of funds.  Its very exciting.  Plain-but-special things this year, one in particular I am ridiculously excited about.  It arrived yesterday.  The perfect present for this particular person.  How can I wait 32 days to share the love?!  I love giving presents, it makes me so godamn happy.  And the fancy wrapping...

The theses got hard bound!  Some issues with the silly people spelling The Married One's name wrong, but they re-lettered the spines in only a couple extra days, so the copies were into the clock tower in plenty of time for the grad cut-off of noon today (they also changed my spine title, but I was past caring by that point  - what a freaking mission).  We also got a second chocolate fish, which I think slightly lessons the impact of the first one...TMO's is waiting for her in her box of theses.  
Cousins!  TMO's in front box, my kiddies in the back

I'm slightly disappointed in my mainstreaming - got sky-blue leather binding.  If you have enough time you can supply your own fabric, like maybe custom printed from here (damn you Knitting One!!!) thesis, I promise.
The ageing thesis - soft bound to hard.

I was going for continuity - if I had the option I would have used maroon binding paper on the insides, but apparently the library bindery imports the paper from the States, and only in cream.  Weird.

So I guess...that's all done then?!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


So much of the Drama this week.  Fall out from Friday night and the unfortunate binge drinking culture (don't even get me started on this particular rant), and several of my most beloved people needing hugs for things I can't fix, which drives me nuts (because I want to), plus some unfortunate pain-leading-to-a-fever for the most of this week.  Fun times.  (I lie, its horrific - have you ever been in so much pain that it induced a fever?! Doctor assures me it should be ok in a week but I am not in a trusting mood...).

But I fully believe in the healing power of time, so am striving to be patient - in all things.

In other news, The Magic Postdoc brought me a present:

Possibly the best present you can buy a baker.  Made sugar cookies again for lab meeting on Wednesday morning, this time I made purple and blue, rolled them out and then rolled them up together to get a swirl pattern going on.  Of course I was too impatient and didn't refrigerate the dough for long enough so the shape was horrific when I cut and baked them.  Squashed edges into sprinkles prior to baking, that was fun.  Also made a small batch of hideous green with red speckles and chocolate hail accoutrement for the non-lab members morning tea, since The Little One asked.  As it is probably quite apparent - I am completely incapable of saying no to anyone.  Love it.

Speaking of saying no - apparently my kitten is worrying my Nana by not eating the cat meat she has been buying (vast amounts of cat biscuits and harbour birds, however).  Somehow she has forgotten that he is exceptionally fussy (again), but my Mother is on it - she is determined to go in and buy the expensive fancy cat food in wee tins for him and take it round to my kittens Nana's house today to ensure he gets a good feed.  I like that my animals are keeping my whanau on their toes.  Wouldn't want the humans to think they were in charge.

Next week The Crazy One and I (and the PI's) are off up to Palmy for the annual soul-owners conference (the org that funds our work and scholarships) which should be fun - catching up with people and so on.  Plus you know - Palmy.  Home of all things fun. *cough*

Four weeks till Grad!

Soldier on my lovelies, soldier on.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Feel the Love

OK, firstly - Birthday cake for The Hairy One on Wednesday:

'Blue velvet' chocolate cake with nutella and apricot jam in the middle layer (I was feeling rebellious and non-conformist at midnight post-viva) and a beautiful ganache topping.  Good cake, made tongues go blue - neat!  I think I need to loosen up with the cream in my ganaches however, extremely solid come coffee time.

Yesterday was spent wrangling thesis documents for PDF making, The Mini One's, mostly - mine and The Married One's were all good to go.  And despite my whining, I think being able to help and being asked to, is the biggest complement.  So I loved that.  The two of us (Mini & I, Married was laxed out on the couch in Welly, cackling at us from afar - or so I imagined) then had colour and black/white versions of our three theses printed in...sextuplicate?!  So that was 18 piles of black/white and 18 piles of colour and a whole bunch of paper shuffling.  About 3 hours (yeah ok, we rounded up a smidge to make TMO feel worse) followed by much deserved icecream.  But - its all off to the bindery today and we have made the cut off with a whole 8 hours to spare.

Two boxes containing sextuplicate copies of three theses (yes, yes I am enjoying writing 'sextuplicate' more than is proper):
The Veined One came down to my office this morning in a wee panic, so I went over to the print shop with him first thing to submit his stack-of-thesis also.  That's a metric fucktonne of binding all up from my peeps.  Can't wait to pick'em up!

Yesterday we came back from the printing marathon to this:

Beautiful flowers from my whanau for passing my viva.  So sweet, so delighted.  This has been a hell of a year for flowers!

We are having a big BYO dinner tonight in celebration of mine and The Veined One's passing of viva's this week, the theme is Purple/Green/Yellow/Red (perhaps from these...) and my nails are prepared and waiting:

And another completely lovely friend just came in to drop off a congratulatory cake since '[I'm] the one that always bakes for everyone else' and she is completely lovely and I am just so touched and delighted and squee right now!  So much of the love!

And now...I'm not actually sure.  Coffee time?!
Your animation

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 1 post apocalypse viva

I feel like I should feel different, feel like a doctor.  A doer of great deeds.  A thinker of great thoughts...
Your animation

Alas, I guess a PhD can't change what you really want to do:
Your animation
It truly bothers me that my up-crosseyes are not nearly as cross-eyed as my down-crosseyes.  This is a problem.

However.  Feels.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Its over, red rover.

A very few minor corrections to make and I am doneski.

Umm...what now?!

God but this is strange.

The beginning of the end

I'm rocking beats in mental prep like the ABs for a sweet game.

I crack myself up.

2 hours to go...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Same Old

Made sugar cookies, experimental colour.  Will take some for viva in case we get a tea break...

 Ended up with beautifully stained hands:
And because I can't help myself - made a red velvet cake for tomorrow's seminar, first peeps in get cake for lunch, and a blue velvet one for The Hairy One's birthday on Wednesday.  That one is in the freezer, un-iced. Figured I wouldn't have time to bake between now and post-viva, but should have a mo to whip up some icing.
And now - I practice.  See if I can't burn through 60 slides in 30 minutes.  Ha.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Comfort Zone

Alone in the office on a Saturday - and it is delightful.

Long may it last.
I'm polishing my seminar for Monday and preparing for the viva on Tuesday, so obviously am procrastinating with photo edits on Ps.

Last weekend I attempted a Halloween cake, orange and black layers, though the black came out slightly blue-tinged.  Just for funsies, and proof of concept.
I also whipped up a banana cake, for The Fly Postdoc-plus-family and for school lunches (It didn't last nearly that long), which was complete magic - traditional pound cake with 2 bananas mashed in.  Lemon cream cheese icing.  Magic-ail-curing cake.

We also had a cracker day in the middle of the week, so The Knitting One and I went out to the beach for ice cream.  Beautiful.
High tide, no surfers.  Pity.

My new necklaces arrived! If you know what they are I am sure you are seething with want - so get them here.  So much love.
It was obviously a week for things arriving which had been brought ages and ages ago - my last-minute grad dress arrived, which is a hell of a relief - now I just need shoes.  I'm thinking a trip to cheap NumberOne is in order - my one pair of (much loved) Chucks might not cut it for both the viva and grad...

My new handbag arrived too - brought it after submission on a sweet sweet sale, self-pressie styles.
Screw the subdued colours, I love this shit.  It arrived in a ridiculous amount of packaging, and amongst The Great Old Handbag Clean Out, I found this:
So back when all my peeps still lived in Dunedin we did the Bog quiz every Monday night, and rocked that shit.  Consistent winning = free food every week.  Of course, all due to The Oxford One, Homeboy and The Boy Flatmate.  Ooo and The Canadian One.  And The Baby One.  And The Authoress.  Ok - so I was only the 'writer' of the group, I'm fine with that.  Fun times.  Missed.  Love!

Where was I? ...Oh yeah - so, the edges of quiz booklets would get torn up into confetti and snuck into various coat pockets and so on (soooo not claiming responsibility for that habit...), turns out some got put into the unused side pocket of my bag.  Future-proofed joke.  The mess made me both nostalgic and sublimely happy.

Also found in the bag:
Another of the secret love notes from The Mini One.  I wonder how many I have yet to find hidden in all my shit at work?!

And finally in this story of photos - last weekend I started reading my new part-author signed book (which I totally didn't have to bully him into doing...much):
Every piece so far blew my mind, and I'm not up to the Homeboy's article yet.  I'm definitely making the parentals read this one.

And now - time to do some work.  Gah.
My slightly bemused face.  This will all be over soon.  And I'll be a 26 year old Doctor-Homeowner.  How did this happen?!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soon, my precious

Some parts cute, some small parts awkward - but overall a huge improvement over their last safety briefing with Melanie Lynskey and Ed O'Neill.  That shit was naff.  Not as naff as the horrific Disco-themed one...

Who would have thought I'd have such strong opinions on the AirNZ safety briefing videos?!  Maybe I fly too often...

And quickly, also - my phone is rocking between the "You're a wizard, Harry" and "Gollum, Gollum" text tones  (Made them!  Super easy).  Love it.  The Token Boy text me this last night:

Its like freaking inception in/coming out of my phone.  Hilarious.

It starts!

So I'm bogged down and freaking out about my exit seminar and viva next week, but - its November! Chrissie trees UP, baby!