Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well this is...

Well this is...exciting!  New Chucks:
New season, new colour.  And I threw out the beloved old pair after they fell apart, but before they fell off my feet.  Unlike certain other useless individuals who need an old pair filled with Jelly before it is easier to throw them out than clean them and continue insisting that they function perfectly well as 'footwear'.  Which they didn't, for the record.
Well this is...hilarious!  The Crazy One, hiding from 'unfortunate circumstance' in the office:
Brill afternoon.  It felt like a Friday.
Well this is...comfortingly normal.  New note on my desk:
Well this is...ridiculous!  Honestly, ten kilograms of dry ice for one tiny eppie of reagent.
That's The Magic Postdoc sifting through the masses of dry ice trying to find the tiny thing.  Add into the equation the huge amount of polystyrene and shipping effort, and that is one hell of an environment-ruining wee aliquot.
Well this is...ok.  Saw Two Little Boys on Tuesday night and it was...strange.  Moments of brilliant hilarity  but very dark humour.  Which I usually like.  
It wasn't bad, just...discombobulating.  You are worked up into a state where you sympathise with Bret's character, but then the plot shifts and you feel bad for feeling less-bad for him.  Very strange, and little explanation of the strangeness which probably doesn't help the discombobulation.  But as far as evoking an emotional response goes - this is art.  Heh.  I'd say if you like either of the main actors normal brand of comedy, you'll like this enough to get by, they certainly do a very good job with acting it.  And keep an eye out for naughty drawings during the credits.  Cute.

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