Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm in full job-hunting mode and during my internet sifting, came across this, which made me want to apply despite unsuitability:
Shall I make the requisite 'bigger on the inside' joke?

My face has been largely absent since the advent of glasses and actually spending evenings not on my computer, and someone mocked me for it.  So fine.  Here:
I know you were just in withdrawal.

Went to see Looper last night.
Plot holes much?!  And JGL's face was weirding me out - all slightly altered to look more like Bruce.  I swear at the beginning he just looked like himself to me, but then after Brucie turned up I started noticing it and it wouldn't leave me alone.  Eyebrows.  Gah.  I loved the minor TK subplot - "get yourself tested today!"  Brill.  Why bother testing?  What else is going on here?!

The language in this article is completely beautiful.  Random rant about a mayonnaise shop, however.  But still - beautiful use of English.

Have booked my ferry across the strait.  Looks like I now have a concrete date for leaving Dunedin for good.  Early morning of the 22nd December I am outtahere.  What on earth does my future hold?!


  1. We're in Dunedin on the 14th/15th Dec for grad/catching up with people, so save a few hours for meeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Ro is back for grad too, and all my family are coming down (final Dunedin visit and if my viva isn't very soon, no one will be able to come for grad next May). So its going to be super-brill catch-up times!

    ...'we're' as in couple?!! Ehehe...

  3. Wahoo, I'll email you closer to the time and get your mobile number if I don't have it already. We (yes, B is coming!) are both giving talks at AgR on the 14th if you want to see what I've been doing/have time to kill!

    Hopefully the viva hurries up, it'd be super awesome if you graduated in Dec too!

  4. Am so there! Can't wait!

    Yeah, my fingers are still crossed, but not too hopeful at this point.