Thursday, October 18, 2012

So many of the feelings-precious

Exam reports are in!

Suspicious and apprehensive...

I had the lovely administrator seal them in an envelope at 3pm, I was completely unable to deal with them, having learnt they were in and I had an oral exam date (more on that soon) and I could see them all within a very short period of time - after waiting with no word for 11 weeks.

Please don't crush my fragile scientific soul...

I took them home in the hope that, if horrific, I could weep bitter-angry-soul-crushed-tears-of-despair in private.  I stopped via the supey for dinner fixin's, stocked up on conciliatory chocolate at the insistence of the Married One, with whom I sat in the car park having a text convo, to delay the inevitable...

Got back to the house, prepped dinner, made lunch for the next day, unpacked my school stuff, visited the wash closet, tidied the kitchen a wee bit and then finally sat down to the dreaded envelope.
Promptly stood back up and improved the situation.
Right.  And read.

Well, I say read, it was more read-and-text-commentate-the-sitch-to-TMO.  The first paragraphs are a summary of your thesis and generally good comments: unexpected.

Maybe not all bad?!

Then come the chapter-by-chapter critique and listed minor corrections.

Not listening.  Not listening...

Then came the reactionary shaking hands and general amazement that overall the reports were remarkably positive, all the minor corrections were totally reasonable and easily doable, and that I was being offered 'laudation' (I shit you not, good word), and was even called 'amazing'.

We all know what follows ecstatic happiness...

I drained my glass, popped those bad boys back in their envelope and left for dinner before I started dissecting them to the point of negative-comment-fixation.  I'm trying to focus on the good bits...

Unable to contemplate living in a world where anyone complements me, and consumed by a jealous rage at his inferior degree (possibly driven by a current lack of his favoured pomegranate body wash *cough*), the Hairy One censored one of my reports:
His flatmate, The Twitter Lover (yes, that's my sarcastic voice) stood by in dulcet collaboration. Despite being, I am convinced, a complete sweetheart deep down inside.

Also, since I know how closely you follow my baking/cooking experiments - pork part two was not better than pulled-pork-the-first.  While delicious stock leftovers might make other meats better, for this one: stick to the recipe.  I think fresh cider vinegar is the key, and while I ramped up the cayenne, it wasn't nearly enough.  So go nuts with the pepper, some lovely smoked paprika and excess chilli flakes, don't be shy.  I think next time I would cut off the skin and fat prior to cooking too, it was a bit greasy this time, though the second shoulder was fattier than the first.  Combined with potatoes, garlic cloves and capsicum roasted with oil instead of dry baked like my usual, the meal was quite heavy.  Not bad...just not best.

Amazing news of the second string - my Oral Exam date is set for the 6th November, 3 days before the December graduation cut off, which means - I'm graduating this year baby!  PhD at 26yo, not bad.

However - my Oral Exam date is set for the 6th November.  Argh!  19 days away!  Argh!

Lets start looking at minor corrections!  Whoop!!

Maybe this is actually just the beginning?!


  1. As the kids say, AMAZEBALLS! Absolutely delighted for you/bitterly jealous in equal measure.

    A glittering future awaits!

    1. Haha, I think that's my nerd-word, hardly belonging to the kids these days.

      Yours will be closer than you think! Its sneaks up on you like a pirate in a kilt.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That indeed is amazeballs. Absolutely delighted you will be graduating in December as well, whee! (and try not to stress about the oral exam too much, you will rock it!)

    1. Its taken a couple of days to sink in - I am sooooo excited! Grad with my peeps *and* family! Eeeeeeee! Can't wait to catch up with everyone.

      The oral will be an event, fo'sure, but I don't think it'll kill me, and I see no way for anything major to come up and blindside me, so am casually optimistic! Who woulda' thought?!