Monday, October 15, 2012

Pull It

The Knitting One sent me three recipes Friday afternoon, always a good way to shred productivity, and I was so excited by the third I bought a pork shoulder on the way home.

I've been wanting to try pulled pork since I saw a video tute of it a couple months back, but had dismissed it since it tends to require 12 oven hours.

This recipe however required only a crockpot, and I swore I remembered seeing about ten of the crafty buggers hanging about TOO's house.


And all right, one working pot, one broken, and one that turns out to be a rice cooker and not a crockpot at all. But still! Exciting! Crockpot virgin, no less.

So I sliced up the onion to line the bottom of the pot and then placed the lovingly washed and patted-dry shoulder on top. Dry flav-stuff pressed onto the flesh (mmmmm flesh) and then vinegar mix drizzled over top. Plugged it in and did a little dance around the kitchen.
Of course as I sat down to a supper of macaroni leftovers I started counting in my head and swore when I realised I'd have to get up at 4am to turn off the pot.

Ridiculous. I turned it off and only turned it back on upon my return from the Spooky Men's Chorale. A 9am cooking sitch I can actually deal with for a Saturday morning.

Pulling it apart was deliciously satisfying
And having a mound of delicious meat ready for anything was exciting
Instead of just dumping it back in (the liquid volume had increased dramatically) I drained the onions and put those back in with the meat and the final third of the cidar vinegar flavour mix..thing.  Kept the delicious stock for the next weeks cooking.
I don't think you are imagining just how good this was.  Imagine more.  Then make it - you know you want to.  And definitely slap it in some white bread buns with coleslaw.

I wasn't shy with the cayenne, but you could adjust it for however you like.  I made dinner for the week with the leftovers, stuffed spuds with the pork, creamed corn, onion and cheese.  This might be the first time I have not ruined a piece of roast-meat (Yep.  Can't cook a roast.  Sue me).  Not that it counts as roasting, but still!  Win!

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