Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Loooooooooong weekend

The Loitering One organised a Departmental table tennis comp for Happy Hour on Friday, I I totally won my first game!

...Ok, so it was only because my opponent was worse than I and by my trying to just keep the ball on the table I won by default.  Was smashed in the second round and later smashed by The Douchbag Jar who played with only a hand.  Seriously - not even a racket and he beat me.

I blame my undergrad years.  You know - for actually doing uni and not sitting about in bars playing pool/table tennis/foosball.  Fo'shame.

Brilliant good fun at any rate, it was surprising the people who had hidden talent.  And the people who cannot stand losing to anyone.  Hilarious.


I experimented last week with making these, 'pretzel hugs':

Total fail, if you were wondering.  Stupid american faux-recipes.  And those 'kisses' are so godamn expensive and some of the worst chocolate I have ever tasted.  Kind of compound-like.  Ick.

And because I'm a sucker for punishment I thought I'd try making this 'bark' bollocks that seems all the rage in the States at the mo.

Basically (in this version) a layer of chocolate, sprinkled with pretzel pieces, a layer of caramel and then chocolate on top.  Cut it up into what I can only assume are supposed to look like tree bark pieces.

I totally cheated and brought that condensed milk caramel.  Its delicious.  Could have saved some $ and popped a can of the normal stuff in the pressure cooker or autoclave, apparently, or made normal caramel myself - meh.  Its a bit messy, but I imagine kids would love it.  The salt of the pretzel meets the caramel in a delightful way.

I also whipped up a batch of chocolate caramel cupcakes, half of which I took round to meet the new Postdocs baby - so, so cute.
I topped them off with plain vanilla icing and a wee chocolate button.  I also refrained from bringing the other half-batch into work.  Not feeling very charitable in that direction this week.

She is the most beautiful, tiny baby I have ever seen, I swear.  She slept in my arms for a solid hour and it was very hard to leave.  Shall have to get in many sneaky visits before I leave the city.


Finished JKR's new book yesterday.  Took me a couple weeks to get through the first half and then only a couple days for the second - it got so much better.  And I think the distinction is that the first half focuses on the adults and the second on the children, the childrens' characters just pop.  And there is some of the best crescendo that I have ever read, good god.  A very good subliminal commentary on society, and a satisfying, if distraught, ending.  Overall impression - not bad, JKR, not bad at all.  Certainly more than I was expecting.


Time for more job applications...urgh.


  1. An easier version of that 'bark' that i've made is here...
    I made it with Salada crackers.

    1. Oooo interesting. This is going to be like a never ending story if I don't stop being given ideas.