Monday, October 15, 2012


So I attended the Spooky Mens Chorale on Friday night with The Authoress and Co. as our final OFA activity, and it was brill.  16 men of various states of beard, in a delightful collection of hats.  The kilted-pirate was particularly admired by TA, who requested his number on the email notification signup sheet (OK, so maybe I acted in proxy for her...).
An eclectic mix of singing and comedy, it was both lovely and funny.  It was their first ever appearance in the country apparently, and they are doing a bit of a tour, so go see them if you have the chance (there is one in Welly!).


Saturday avo The Knitting One came over for a pulled pork and Pride & Prejudice combo evening.  It had been ages since either of us had seen it (and TheLBD is crazy exciting right now), so celebrated the (5 hour) love with wine and delish food (she made a sourcream-apple pie, which was sublime).

Such a good way to spend an evening.

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