Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Curl and...Hurl?

My hair, when left on its own after a pool visit, does this:
"FINE! I'm going to sleep, you do what ever you want."  (Its a healthy love/hate relationship).

Deliberate scary eyes, I promise.  I didn't just get my examiners reports back.  (but they are all in!  Soon! Eeeeee!)

I find it very entertaining.  Especially in light of this, perfect wave my ass:

That team of 8 stylists not pulling their weight in the tropical climate huh Kate?!  Embrace the fro!

In other news, The Married One's...married one, has his oral exam today!  Rejoice!  The end is nigh!

I also went to see Pitch Perfect with the Knitting One last night, and it was hilarious.  Elements of Best in Show, and far more laughs than what was shown in the trailers, which is a pretty rare thing these days (god - how old do I sound?!).  Beautiful vomit scenes, which is probably a good indication of whether you will like it or not.  It took me ages to place the lead, but she's the ditzy chick off Twilight (more sublime laughs coming up with that too, soon) and so, so much better in this.  [SPOILERS] Usual groan at the bullshite 'happy ending'.  How about the girl doesn't get the perfect-boy-for-her, just once?!  How about we stop perpetrating the myth that nerd girls who had a shitty highschool experience magically transform at Uni and meet perfectly-matching nerd boys, huh?  Huh?!  (I'm not at all bitter.  Leave me alone.).


I put a second pork shoulder on this morning for dinner at The Hairy One's tonight, ramped up the spice level and used some delicious stock for the base, will see how my bastardisations turn out when paired with roasted spuddies and capsicum.

Oh! Also, this, on WSWCGS today:

Walking into my defence:

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