Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tears. Enough.

Important things first:

Amy and Rory have left the Doctor, and the Doctor has left until the Christmas special...
Don’t blink.
I cried.  I'm not gonna lie - godamn Angels are definitely my most scaredy-cat Who-monster.  So, so sad - and unexpected, I just thought they would decide to finally say no to him, but I guess he never would have let them go, always popping back for shits and giggles.  And I bet you have either no idea what I'm talking of, or are also recovering from your own wee weeping sesh.  Yep.

Soo many months till Chrissie... actually, its only 31 days till I can put up the trees - 1st of November, that's the rule!  Whoop!

Daylight saving started today, and I completely missed it - both my phone and laptop update automatically, and I feel slightly cheated.  Rock on summer, I've missed you.

Had a pretty rough day yesterday (or it culminated, either way), so went out and brought JKR's new book to cheer myself up, this page made my day, right off the bat; what a brilliant brag-list.
Sat in the remnants of sun and got through about a third of it, will reserve judgement till its finished, hold tight  (also got through about 20% of The Communist Manifesto - don't ask).  Ended up watching season one of The Walking Dead (I know, I know - raging Saturday night) and while its not going to be a fav, it certainly held elements of which I love rubbish movies for - gore and gratuitous blood/rotting/explosions of zombie-death.  Will have a go with the second season in a couple of weeks.  Speaking of gratuitous blood and gore, watched the first couple eps of Spartacus Friday night (what? you thought raging-Saturday was special?!), which was...educational?  Not sure if I'm a fan of that one, the premise is a bit flimsy, and I don't see how it can possibly hold out for two whole seasons.

The Baby One's birthday was last weekend and I wrapped his gift with some home-made paper - the structure of the 'antifreeze' protein he works with; I stole the structure off a poster I made for him last year, and just tweaked the colours and orientations in Ps (and then took rubbish photos, sorry):
The Crazy One and I organised a surprise dinner party for him that night, of which the surprise was completely ruined by The Mini One's other flatmate.  But it didn't matter in the end.  Other stuff happened.  Lets move on.

I joke of course, important things last - this week has been full up with The Married One, who came back to town for her Oral Exam.  Which she rocked, beeteedubs (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it - I blame Lydia).  The post-oral lab dinner was brill, and resulted in my trying to 'look evil' with convenient horns, and TMO looking radiantly happy with her newly conferred title of 'Doctor TMO'.  The official title will have to wait for grad in December.  The entire group was well on form, and even managed to get the waiter involved.  Good times.
She's back in Welly, and I'm trying really hard not to finish with 'and I am all alone'.  Gah.  I miss my people. A couple more months and I am out of here - I need a new life sitch.  (But its so hard, I don't want to go...).

No more tears.  And no more caring for people who don't deserve it.  Of course, easier said than done.  Two culture-dates to look forward to in a fortnight, that'l be good.  A new week! Forward march!

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