Thursday, September 13, 2012

So many genes

The ENCODE thing (wiki for Mum) has been massive these last couple weeks; the Supe wrote a piece on it here, and Homeboy poked fun at molecular biologists in regards to it at a journal club presentation yesterday (brilliant listening, I rank his talks above TV...though maybe not the Doctor (sorry sweetie)).

However, my fav snip is from Ed Yong:

"Think of the human genome as a city. The basic layout, tallest buildings and most famous sights are visible from a distance. That’s where we got to in 2001. Now, we’ve zoomed in. We can see the players that make the city tick: the cleaners and security guards who maintain the buildings, the sewers and power lines connecting distant parts, the police and politicians who oversee the rest. That’s where we are now: a comprehensive 3-D portrait of a dynamic, changing entity, rather than a static, 2-D map."

It struck me as quite cute.

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