Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snow me your...balls

What is this travesty?!  Snow?  In Spring?!

Yeah, I kid.  Its Dunedin.

And not enough to warrant staying in bed.  But fucktonnes enough to soak you to the bone on the way in to work.  Stupid swirling wind and sleet-bitchy-mix.

The snow thrown inside my car probably didn't help much undeserved/unprovoked/unwarranted/unfair!...

*sigh*  I can't even kid myself any more.  But still - inside the car!  Seriously?!  Gah!


  1. This is blowing my mind a little. Here it's currently 19 degrees (and it's not even 9am yet) and should reach 27 today. Yesterday was 31 degrees!

  2. Yeah we had 20 degrees last week and a completely beautiful weekend. Its retarded.