Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running away with me

Watched the half marathon running kids this morning with the Long-haired One, caught them either side of the Leith and then zapped out to Port Chalmers to while away the running time with a coffee (The guilt! so much guilt!).

In order of finishing time, for a lack of any other way of ordering them (by favouritism scale?!  Just kidding.  You think who would be first now?! Hah!):  The Dark Horse, the Baby One, the Hairy One and the Crazy One.  Love!

Its always a shock how small Dunedin really is - so many familiar, unexpected faces.  And such a beautiful day.  I feel sunburnt, but I think its just windburn instead.

We also did a drive by of TCO and the Building One's new house on the way back to Mornington.  So exciting.  TCO's house goes under the auction hammer on Wednesday, so its going to be an exciting week (and I totally put that in for the opportunity to say 'auction hammer'; do they actually have one these days?!).

And since time is running backward in my head - Saturday night TCO hosted a carbo-loading dinner at her house for runners and watchers, followed by a very dull rugby game watching.  I made the desert, a complete experiment, which failed on so many levels.  Except taste.  It was pretty epic.  I forgot to take a picture, but I toasted a buttery biscuit base (cocoa added for shits and giggles), then had a layer of cheese cake filling (cream cheese, lemon, sugar, cream), then a layer of minced black doris plums and orange jelly, another layer of cheese cake filling and finally a layer of chocolate ganache.  Neither the cheese cake or plum-jelly mix had time to set and the whole thing fell apart.  So it was a plate of cheese cake/plum/chocolate and biscuit parfait.  Freaking delicious, felt like passing out after.  Will amend and try it again one day.

Friday night (what is with this backwards sitch?!) was Biochem's bi-weekly happy hour, which was completely lovely and chilled for once (so nice, no drama!), followed by late VBurg and movie at TCO's.  Her house was totally where it was at this weekend.  And I know I'm probably breaking some cool-law that I don't care about in saying this, but - I feel like the VBurg is not as good as it used to be...

Its a writing week this week; I'm going to finish a paper draft, an article and start hashing out details for a piece for this, again.  That's probably a gross overestimation of my writing speed, but that's what plans are for, right?!

I also plan on a serious attempt at beating down the imposter syndrome.  Its getting old.

Oh! The Married One has a date for her Oral! Excitement-scaryness!  And Bigsib-plus-fiancĂ© have booked flights home from London in Feb for a full month.  And the German One has had her first paper accepted.  So much everyone elses lives.

I want something to happen.  I so tired of waiting.

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