Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food and Maggots

It has been completely beautiful in the mornings this week, and the sun poking right into my bedroom window makes me rather inclined to be in a brilliant mood.
Can't say no
We'll see how long that lasts...heh.

Made dinner for a very sweet couple on Sunday, and while my cooking for anyone is generally a good indication of my level of fondness for them, being able to cook at the house with a set table, at least two courses and a bottle of my latest fav wine (Amisfield 2008 Pinot Noir - stick me in front of a book/fire/porchview with a bottle of that and I'll love you forever) is so much godamn fun.  I stuffed schnitzel with mushrooms, feta and chickpeas, (half of the mix blended) and sat it on a bed of home-made gnocchi in a garlic tomato sauce (with a touch of cream for decadence) with some sliced green beans & sesame seeds tossed on top.  For desert I served slices of hot, fresh (made only 2 hours before) ginger loaf sandwiching vanilla ice cream, liberally sprinkled with white chocolate.  The wine didn't complement the desert very well, but I was hardly complaining.

And because its in the same vein - I whipped up a pound cake last night, only bastardised with the juice and rind of 2 NZ oranges, for lab meeting today (there is a baking schedule).  I was aiming for 'jaffa', so I used the Whittaker's Dark Orange block to make ganache (I'm on an anti-traditional-icing kick at the mo), which was fine until it touched the cake, at which point the texture drastically changed.  Will see how it tastes at 10, and whether the rind sunk... I'm liking how there is more time for experimental baking these days, PTS (post thesis submission), and I have managed to get butter two cycles in a row under $3 a block (and 3 at a time :P).  Shocking and delightful.

I wrote a short piece in partial retaliation for helping TBO clean out his Tenebrio culture, on SciBlogs here, and DOP, here.  And fyi, least there is more wilful confusion, the title is in reference to the beetles, not TBO.

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