Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everything will look better in the morning

Went home early due to paranoia at being stranded in at work - a mortal fear since submission and complete avoidance of evenings in the lab.  I think I flogged that to death, no more being at work after dark. (of course, if I have nothing planned for an evening I just take my computer home and work from bed, but its totally different...).

Anyway, baked some banana cakes for lab meeting/afternoon tea meeting, and went nuts with the sprinkles:

Cakes! Sprinkles! So many sprinkles!! (Taken with Instagram)
Ahh sprinkles.  Seeds of happiness.

And since, beautifully enough, I didn't have my computer - I watched Chocolat and Tomb Raider with a beaut fire and hailthensnowthenhailthensleetthenhailthensnow battering the windows.  TOO had class, which was cancelled but which also resulted in her being stranded by rubbish cloud-vomit, till the roads were sorted out, at about 10ish.

And I know amongst you all there are other secret Pride & Prejudice fanboys & girls, so I think you should go watch this.  Its P&P adapted into a video blog and completely modernised/reworked.  I infected The Knitting One yesterday and I'm pretty sure she caught up to date by bedtime.  Its the first adaptation I have ever liked (curse you Knightley! Rubbish.), and am loving the twice weekly video-presents.

Morning hail-piles.  Not really much snow all up in there:

Looks better in the morning that it did the night before.


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    1. Did you watch it? Did you did you?! (I'm so full of anger at Lizzie for being so blind about 'GeeDubs'...its like I've never read it :P)

  2. just starting to watch it now, two videos in and I'm addicted!

    1. Yuss! I'm so full of joy at spreading the viral love