Thursday, August 23, 2012

Only the Lonely

All my music has been inducing thesis-reminiscent-shudders of disquiet.  In Welly I couldn't stomach anything but classical orchestral.

So I've been changing it up, to give my old favs a rest (perhaps everything needs a break, post thesis-submission...) with 50's rock n' roll.

My boys Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Elvis and Johnny Cash have been filling my temporal lobes and imparting worldly wisdom.

Like - don't take your guns to town.  Its just not a good idea.

Get a rhythm, when you get the blues.  You'll feel heaps better, bro.

Only the lonely, know the way I feel tonight.  Yeah...

You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel - but you're the devil in disguise.  Yep.  See above.

Love me tender, love me sweet.  Never let me go.  Um...see above?!

These boys are so sad in their unlucky love (cough).  I'd hug'em all better.  You know...if they were all still alive and shit.

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