Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm lying in bed trying to reconcile how I got here, where the past month has gone, and what on earth I did for it.

And yes, it is noon, but in my defence I didn't go to bed till 3ish, so stop judging (the magic of post scheduling).

My holiday was beautiful. Sublime even. I did nothing much of anything and it was glorious.

Apart from the occasional text and a total of two short emails, I did not type a single word, anywhere.

I spent half a week in Welly catching up with the Married Ones, cooking good food, wandering round town lusting after beautiful things I couldn't afford, having a through examination of the latest at Te Papa, watching movies and so on. Rode the cable car just for shits and giggles - taking advantage of my final days of student discounts.
We also spent my last day at the zoo with a picnic lunch- so much freaking awesome! I swear, every scientist secretly just never grew up, we had so much fun. The weather was glorious, and every animal wanted to eat TMO. If you want the animals to pay attention to you, or walk closer to get a good look- take TMO with you. Hilarious.

I'm sure at some point I'll manage to get the photos off my big camera and have a play around with them.

It was a brilliant start to the rest of my life (dramatic much?! I'm in that kind of mood), and it was brill to catch up with my homegirl.

So much change.  I'm rollin' with the punches, its my new thing.

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