Saturday, July 7, 2012

So much win

The International Science Fest has been going down in Dunedin this past week(ish), and one of the events was a Science Idol competition.  I'm going to go right ahead and claim it - was totally a judge in its first year, its gotten so much better since (totally all due to the fabulous Tom).  Changed up a bit this year - people wrote and then filmed their contributions, meaning the entries came from a bit further afield than just Dunedin itself.

First prize went to James Mustapic of Dunedin (ODT shoutout), with this entry, but the prize included prof recording at the Uni studio, with this being the result:
So much win.  I am so impressed, big ups to that kid.  I'm also not at all ashamed to admit that being the first time I have ever heard that song in any context and having to look up the original for curiosity's sake.

I like James' version better.

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