Wednesday, July 4, 2012


omg - I've just discovered you can skip songs via F12 and not having to move from my thesis chapter to iTunes and back.  Feels a little like Christmas.

Of course then I have to open notepad to write this, so perhaps only future-saved time...


Its dinner time, which means an ep of Game of Thrones (s02e02) and I was just struck with a thought - god but I hope Ayra and Gendry end up together.  (bearing in mind I am only half way through book two and have no idea of what is to come - so don't ruin my dreams).  But the scene where she finds out he knows she's a girl?  Chemistry.  (or indeed, how my chemistry always manifests...)


It was bigsibs birthday this past weekend and I am back to promising future favours, what with being ridiculously poor and faced with prohibitive international postage prices which drastically reduce the amount of available funds for actual present buying.  Just not worth it.  Which of course, sucks.


There's a fine line between not being able to work because you're procrastinating and lazy, and not being able to work because you are completely overtired and strung out.

I'm strung and crud.


Another day?!



So Arya and Gendry are in Harrenhal, and Gendry did the bit with the smithing - topless.  Good.  Definitely an arms kind of gal.  Actually, I go on about that to a disproportionate degree, don't I? *coughThorcough*

...moving on.


Apparently I cannot type anything worth reading without short nails and hair tied well up.  Interesting.


The lab is so quiet.  Conference season, eh?  Glorious.  Plus the overlap with the undergrads holiday period.  Campus is virtually deserted; not as good as over the summer - but still a nice break.  I love that the undergrads get a break from uni - and we get a break from them, and everyone is happy.





  1. Game of Thrones! I'm hoping they get together too. I'm now up to s02e08 and I want MORE.

    1. Yep, I just fin the season (illicit late-night office viewing); I might be pushed back to finish the books in lieu of the adaptation taking so long!

      And to think - I only started watching the series because I liked the books - how very circular.