Monday, July 30, 2012

Part VI - Let there be Cake

So after happy hour we had a massive byo dinner at The Asian, which was fantastic.  Followed by mischief and dancing and stuff, you know.

Anyway, I got home some time around 1am and jumped in the shower full of hilarity, by the time I finished and got into bed I was bawling and did so for about an hour.  It was gone.  I was done.  Who am I now?!  General life-changing, perception-altering, stress-relieving horrific tear bollocks.

Maybe in part due to gin, but there you go.

Its just such a big part of your life, you know?  You are your thesis for soooo long.  Grieveing a bit, I think.

Anyway, after a wee vom in the early hours of the morning (which I haven't done since my I was twenty for godsake) I slept till noon and then mosied on round to TBO & TMO's for movies and chips and orange fizzy drink.  It was grand.  I curled up on the couch and pretty much just didn't move.  Incidentally, both The Lion King and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are always going to be brill movies.

Sunday I again woke around noon and just lay there looking at the ceiling.  I ended up doing about three loads of washing and then making the run into town for baking supplies and laundromat.  Good times.  My room is full of clean washing and the smell of lillies.  Amazing.

Baked pretty much the rest of the avo/evening - two batches of cookies and four cakes.  Used my fav cream cheese pound cake recipe and divided the massive batch of batter into 4.

Four colours and separate-bakings later:

Assembled with jam and cream cheese/cream frosting mid-layer:

And finished off with sprinkles to match the rainbow interior.

So much fun.  I picked up TCO and had her hold it while I drove it into work last night and it was gone by the end of coffee this morning.  Epicly huge cake, lots of fun to make.

And I think thats it.  I'm flying up to Welly on Wednesday morning to visit with The Married Ones, and then Whaka the following Monday for a couple of weeks with the family and my babies, whom I haven't seen in...crap, 6 months?!  God I miss my kitten and Trouble.

And then of course, paper writing and post-doc applying.  But I'll put off thinking about that for a wee bit longer, I think.



  1. Watching LOTR and thinking of you :-) Also congrats on your thesis!
    Also apparently I have a google account called Pixnpaws lol
    Guess who :-P

    1. Haha, I wana say Roz, but this is a dangerous game!

      Thank you for the congrats, email me!

  2. Mwaha bingo!

    I occasionally stalk your blog, it makes for excellent reading :D

    Gotta dig up your email, is it still the same? Mine is, at gmail...