Monday, July 30, 2012

Part III - the...anticlimax

The now-traditional Clocktower Walk:
God, what a crowd that my happy face?!

Yep.  Definitely the happy face.

Turns out my legendary luck was holding - the office was shut, and supposedly shut till 2.  So we faked some photos (Supe had to run off to Invergiggle for a seminar)
Your animation
and then went back to the GO office for some bubbles and cards and flowers and general giddyness.

A smaller group of us went back at 2 and then just chilled - the office was all out at a goodbye lunch and had ammended the return time to half past the hour.  Some dude saw us chilling and came out to chat, then texted the ppl at lunch - they re-ammeded for a further 20 minutes.  So we got up to mischief.
Sweet corridor high-five

Inappropriate stomach

When they did come back, business proceeded, with form-signing, fish giving and so on.

 Yuss!  Just reward for thousands of dollars in fees and years of soul-destruction!  
(I kid, I love it).

 Come on, let it go, you can do it.

Oooo, you're so pretty

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