Monday, July 30, 2012

Part II - The Printing

Perhaps I should start from the beginning?  I feel like I haven't had a chance to assimilate, I'll try.

Thursday night THO helped me make massive conglomerate PDFs, a 'final', a 'black/white' and a 'colour'.  The printing versions I went through and deleted out all the opposite pages, so that first thing Friday morning I went in with TOO to the printshop and TMO's brill friend, lets go with 'The Print King', who hooked me up with a test version - which was lucky 'cause I had turned off the auto-rotate and all my landscape tables had failed to print in full.  So with that very small snaffle sorted out, printing proceeded, with minimal wastage of paper and environment damage (well, every little bit helps, right?!).

I had multiple stacks - black and white, colour, replacement table pages in each of b/w and colour, title page (A3 print & trim), chapter separators (some of my fav photos, which TPK printed A3 and trimmed down for me - so amazing without the white boarder, I brought him a cupcake).
I still get delighted shivers just looking at it

Shuffling the hardcopies together was probably some of the most fun I have had in years.

Because I couldn't help myself, I went with blue binding on a red back card.  None of this black-on-black bollocks.  Pleased I did, this bitch is gorgeous:
Oooo - I like your clash, baby

When the printing was done, Homeboy turned up to pickup his hardbounds - fortuitous.  What a day.

The hardcopies were hustled back to the lab for CD appendix burning and stick-in-ing, and then we waited about for the supe to do the now-traditional procession over to the clocktower.

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