Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh gods - which animal?!

I can't decide!  Whom on earth (Ha!) do I want to win - dum dum daaaaa - the game of thrones?!

What a wild ride - that you find yourself empathising with individuals from so many sides.  You know what though, after much deliberation: I can think of none other who should sit the iron throne (though perhaps a décor makeover is in order) than Daenerys.  Its just got to happen.  And maybe stop the inbreeding - that wasn't helping your family any.  God I hope she gets the chance to slap Cersei.  You have to admit that that young girl can learn a lesson.  Good trait.

I'm going back to the books.  Arya has to find her wolf - and Needle.  And Rob has to get a kick in the pants for breaking his word regarding marriage.  Who is this chick anyway?!  I bet that's going to be a twist. He was doing so well otherwise.

And the Lannister family needs a good spanking for how they have treated Tyrion.  For shame.  He better get some sweet, sweet revenge.  He would make a good Hand for the Mother of Dragons.

How sweet were Stannis's war drums?!  And what's happening to Theon, the prat?  And who/why did they burn Winterfell?!  Who's going to bring in the harvest?  Winter is coming!  The people are all going to starve!  Who designs a world where the winter can last for a decade?!  Yay for magic monsters in the North!  And a city of free people?!  Jon Snow's wife to be?!  Dragons!  Why do Summer and Shaggydog get so little screen time?  So many things!  Urgh!

Ok, ok - I'll stop fangirling now.  Promise.
Matt Berninger can croon to me any night.

Just sayin'.

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