Friday, July 20, 2012


First draft was fully finished on Thursday night at 34 minutes past midnight.

I was totally back in the office at 8am today working on appendices, its not like I can sleep at the mo anyways.  1st proof edits this weekend, all sent out for final proof by Sunday night.  Edits and formatting next week (I can't wait!  Its going to be so much fun!).  Printing Friday morning, hand in Friday avo, burning out brain cells Friday night.

That's the plan.  I'll keep you updated.

My baby is going to be so pretty.


Am picking up TCO and partner from 'port tomorrow avo, and Monday will be the first day with everyone back - new postdocs and supe and tagalongs (here's pointing at you, TBO) included.  Only one RF still away being important, but still - feels like all the family is going to be home.

The lab is going to be so full.


This is what my car looks like at the moment:

Those are paper hole punchings.  And I sooooo didn't deserve it...

You believe me, right?!

...yeah, I wouldn't believe me either.
Trying to look disappointed in myself

Why do we insist on keeping boys around? (and why am I so incapable of staying angry at such treachery?! - or not finding it hilarious).  Pathetic!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah...I don't think I'll feel anything till final proofs are out.

      And maybe when my eyes stop feeling quite so gritty. I'm looking forward to a sleep, to be honest!

  2. whee it's getting close now, exciting!!!!