Monday, July 30, 2012

Part VI - Let there be Cake

So after happy hour we had a massive byo dinner at The Asian, which was fantastic.  Followed by mischief and dancing and stuff, you know.

Anyway, I got home some time around 1am and jumped in the shower full of hilarity, by the time I finished and got into bed I was bawling and did so for about an hour.  It was gone.  I was done.  Who am I now?!  General life-changing, perception-altering, stress-relieving horrific tear bollocks.

Maybe in part due to gin, but there you go.

Its just such a big part of your life, you know?  You are your thesis for soooo long.  Grieveing a bit, I think.

Anyway, after a wee vom in the early hours of the morning (which I haven't done since my I was twenty for godsake) I slept till noon and then mosied on round to TBO & TMO's for movies and chips and orange fizzy drink.  It was grand.  I curled up on the couch and pretty much just didn't move.  Incidentally, both The Lion King and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are always going to be brill movies.

Sunday I again woke around noon and just lay there looking at the ceiling.  I ended up doing about three loads of washing and then making the run into town for baking supplies and laundromat.  Good times.  My room is full of clean washing and the smell of lillies.  Amazing.

Baked pretty much the rest of the avo/evening - two batches of cookies and four cakes.  Used my fav cream cheese pound cake recipe and divided the massive batch of batter into 4.

Four colours and separate-bakings later:

Assembled with jam and cream cheese/cream frosting mid-layer:

And finished off with sprinkles to match the rainbow interior.

So much fun.  I picked up TCO and had her hold it while I drove it into work last night and it was gone by the end of coffee this morning.  Epicly huge cake, lots of fun to make.

And I think thats it.  I'm flying up to Welly on Wednesday morning to visit with The Married Ones, and then Whaka the following Monday for a couple of weeks with the family and my babies, whom I haven't seen in...crap, 6 months?!  God I miss my kitten and Trouble.

And then of course, paper writing and post-doc applying.  But I'll put off thinking about that for a wee bit longer, I think.


Part V - This Bitch is Beautiful

So, most of the photos I used for chapter separators you would have seen before, they are all up on my Flickr, but just look at a quick sample (all double sided, printed A3 and trimmed to A4 by the amazing TPK):

 My thesis in comic-form?  How cool am I?!  Hah.

Such a beautiful stack of dead tree.

Part IV - the secret photos

Happy Hour posters.  Heaps of peeps came to hang, it was awesome.  Love!
Most accurate photo of me.  Ever.

Before and after thesis:
I'm so sorry, tree

Philosophising the PhD:
Do we exist, without a thesis?!

Throw it in the Leith! Do it!
Kidding! I'm only kidding!

TOO, TOO!! Take a photo! Take a photo of me with my flowers!!!
 You've got your drunk eyes on, don't you?!

Yep, definitely drunk-eyes

Clash for dinner:
Does the shoe-stocking combo look familiar?!

Part III - the...anticlimax

The now-traditional Clocktower Walk:
God, what a crowd that my happy face?!

Yep.  Definitely the happy face.

Turns out my legendary luck was holding - the office was shut, and supposedly shut till 2.  So we faked some photos (Supe had to run off to Invergiggle for a seminar)
Your animation
and then went back to the GO office for some bubbles and cards and flowers and general giddyness.

A smaller group of us went back at 2 and then just chilled - the office was all out at a goodbye lunch and had ammended the return time to half past the hour.  Some dude saw us chilling and came out to chat, then texted the ppl at lunch - they re-ammeded for a further 20 minutes.  So we got up to mischief.
Sweet corridor high-five

Inappropriate stomach

When they did come back, business proceeded, with form-signing, fish giving and so on.

 Yuss!  Just reward for thousands of dollars in fees and years of soul-destruction!  
(I kid, I love it).

 Come on, let it go, you can do it.

Oooo, you're so pretty

Part II - The Printing

Perhaps I should start from the beginning?  I feel like I haven't had a chance to assimilate, I'll try.

Thursday night THO helped me make massive conglomerate PDFs, a 'final', a 'black/white' and a 'colour'.  The printing versions I went through and deleted out all the opposite pages, so that first thing Friday morning I went in with TOO to the printshop and TMO's brill friend, lets go with 'The Print King', who hooked me up with a test version - which was lucky 'cause I had turned off the auto-rotate and all my landscape tables had failed to print in full.  So with that very small snaffle sorted out, printing proceeded, with minimal wastage of paper and environment damage (well, every little bit helps, right?!).

I had multiple stacks - black and white, colour, replacement table pages in each of b/w and colour, title page (A3 print & trim), chapter separators (some of my fav photos, which TPK printed A3 and trimmed down for me - so amazing without the white boarder, I brought him a cupcake).
I still get delighted shivers just looking at it

Shuffling the hardcopies together was probably some of the most fun I have had in years.

Because I couldn't help myself, I went with blue binding on a red back card.  None of this black-on-black bollocks.  Pleased I did, this bitch is gorgeous:
Oooo - I like your clash, baby

When the printing was done, Homeboy turned up to pickup his hardbounds - fortuitous.  What a day.

The hardcopies were hustled back to the lab for CD appendix burning and stick-in-ing, and then we waited about for the supe to do the now-traditional procession over to the clocktower.

Part I - where's my head at?

So that happened.

I...don't know what to do with myself.  Its so, so strange.  I guess I've just defined myself by my PhD for so long being without is...abnormal.  Friday was, probably, one of the best days of my life.  So much love.  I'll reminisce, just for you.  Firstly, I got this:
Awww you guys!

From my peeps in biochem, all of whom I love.  I was so buzzing I couldn't even read it properly at the time, which was for the best, 'cause I would have shed a wee tear.  And cards from the GO peeps, LED and the rest:
So much love

And then, because it was just that kind of day, one which just keeps getting better, TCO gave me the 'Sweet' card and this completely amazeballs necklace she had made for me.  I apologise for the boob-shot, but some people don't know any other way in which to point a camera.  I'll take some closeups later, but its ROYGBIV in coloured stone skulls on leather cord.  So, so love.  Like, fucktonnes of love.

Somewhere in there is my sweet new skull necklace

I got two bunches of flowers, from the LED and GO, and texts all day from family, family friends and friends who couldn't make it to drinks.  The mother had snuck in a parcel to the supe, with a box of the now famous Scilla to give to me on Friday with another beaut card.

TOO's lovely mother made meringues and cake for afternoon tea as well.  The whole thing was remarkably overwhelming.

Oh yeah - I also got a handbag full of jelly.  So undeserved.  You believe me this time, right?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012





Strongle burgle fugle stoop?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday? Again?!

So proof edits.



But this!
So love.

Friday, July 20, 2012


First draft was fully finished on Thursday night at 34 minutes past midnight.

I was totally back in the office at 8am today working on appendices, its not like I can sleep at the mo anyways.  1st proof edits this weekend, all sent out for final proof by Sunday night.  Edits and formatting next week (I can't wait!  Its going to be so much fun!).  Printing Friday morning, hand in Friday avo, burning out brain cells Friday night.

That's the plan.  I'll keep you updated.

My baby is going to be so pretty.


Am picking up TCO and partner from 'port tomorrow avo, and Monday will be the first day with everyone back - new postdocs and supe and tagalongs (here's pointing at you, TBO) included.  Only one RF still away being important, but still - feels like all the family is going to be home.

The lab is going to be so full.


This is what my car looks like at the moment:

Those are paper hole punchings.  And I sooooo didn't deserve it...

You believe me, right?!

...yeah, I wouldn't believe me either.
Trying to look disappointed in myself

Why do we insist on keeping boys around? (and why am I so incapable of staying angry at such treachery?! - or not finding it hilarious).  Pathetic!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comedy Interlude

Went to see Ted last night, with some awesome people (and one wanker) and it was brilliant.  Very, very funny.  I think its pretty safe to say that if you like Seth MacFarlane's cartoons, you'll love Ted just as much (or little, if you're a hater).
Fuck you, thunder

I was a wee bit squicked out by the female lead, to be honest.  She says she loves him, but then wants him to change etc etc and I am just so not down with that manipulative bullshite. It wasn't too overt, but it was still there.  Yuck.

Def go see it if you like Family Guy/American Dad etc etc  And see if you don't want one of your own.


In other news, the same wanker as above got this song stuck in my head this morning:
Not cool.

I'm making lasagne tonight, its going to be awesome.  I'm going to sneak veges in.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm getting so close, I can almost taste it...

Of course, that could be the flavour of an impending cold, because I'm starting to feel like complete shite.

What, immune system - you couldn't hold it off for one more week?!  Don't expect any rest, you demanding, bitchy, biological process, I have things to do.

So.  Close.


Saturday, July 14, 2012


Oh, I am hilarious.
Have I said lately how much I love photoshop?!  Ok, ok - back to writing.



Ok, this:

And this:

And incidentally, what with being old and all - its been just over 4 years since I got my wrist inked.  How has that much time passed?!  I'm tempted to add something provocative to freak the mother out...but will refrain.

Breaks over, now go.

How is it Saturday, again?!

I have rediscovered my 80s hits playlist and am unashamedly rocking out.

Including with the big hair-represent.  (and the crazy eyes from when randoms walk into the office and catch me...heh).

Also with discoveries - the 'oil paint' feature in Ps, look at the swirly hair detail!  So pretty.  Wish I could get IRL Ps to follow my hair around all day...

Question for the Eurythmics - who, indeed, is that girl?!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I feel...I feel the...change...coming on...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've moved

It's ok, calm down - only one room over.  I've stolen the couch in the lab 'library' for the evening's writing.
Change is as good as a holiday, right?  (No!  What fucktard ever said that?!! God!...ahem)

Legs up, laptop on...well, my lap, cuppa on the floor by my side.

Fun times.

But - I can still see you there.  Get back to work.

On Repeat

Oh god.

How has it come to this?!

I'm blaming the thesis crazy and James.  This shit is not ok, nor normal.

Lets never speak of this again.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sundays are better

Sundays are good.

And its sunny out. I'm going to wander down by the Leith with my next cuppa.

Frank is keeping me company.

"And he'll toot his flute for you 
Come on fly with me, let's take off in the blue"

Really?  He'll toot his flute for me?  How brilliant.

I was rooting through my stacks of crap trying to find a scrap piece to jot random notes on, and found an old list:

How is this popping up everywhere still?! And it's old, how long has it been there for?!  Kids think they are so funny these days.

It did make me laugh, so I guess points well deserved.  (I'm pointing at you, Mini One.  Traitor).


EDIT: Oh man, this article made me laugh.  Go read it, its brilliant.
"By the time everyone else gets there, the New Zealanders would have drunk all the beer".

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So much win

The International Science Fest has been going down in Dunedin this past week(ish), and one of the events was a Science Idol competition.  I'm going to go right ahead and claim it - was totally a judge in its first year, its gotten so much better since (totally all due to the fabulous Tom).  Changed up a bit this year - people wrote and then filmed their contributions, meaning the entries came from a bit further afield than just Dunedin itself.

First prize went to James Mustapic of Dunedin (ODT shoutout), with this entry, but the prize included prof recording at the Uni studio, with this being the result:
So much win.  I am so impressed, big ups to that kid.  I'm also not at all ashamed to admit that being the first time I have ever heard that song in any context and having to look up the original for curiosity's sake.

I like James' version better.


Saturdays suck.

Theses suck.

Boys suck.

Girls suck.

Everything is sucky.
Your animation