Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Truth = Fiction

I've always lamented that the circumstances so common in book and movie fiction so very rarely happen in real life that it makes them almost entirely fake. 
Things like chance meeting, corner-eye glimpses, caught-eyes-across-rooms, or perfect comebacks/insults that you thought of on the spot and delivered in a timely matter - not 3 hours later in the shower. (my shower-arguments are the most creative, inspired things you would ever dream of; should they occur in time there would be no recourse). 

So, when such chance occurances happen in real life - they delight me for days. They never have the same meaning, of course - that person you eye-locked with in the supermarket just thought you a weirdo, really; but the occurance itself -

merriment for days.

God but I love coincidences. And I love that a couple of you know exactly what I am speaking of.


EDIT:  So there's been some confusion - the 'eyes caught across rooms' thing is in bold italics to draw attention to the Lizzie/Darcy example, not mine.  Let that pickle your noggin.

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