Monday, June 18, 2012

True Blood S05E01

Ohmygodohmygod - so I got through the recap before the intro and had to pause and take a deep breath - I had forgotten, and, well:


So - SPOILERS, and brief impressions from this first ep.  Return of the vampires already?  Where did the year go?!
Jason - naked at the door delivering wisdon on vampires' intentions - "fangs are basically like twin hard-ons:  hard-ons for trouble or feedin on somebody, and never just for talkin"

OMG - Tara?!  God I hope turning vamp makes you harden the fuck up.  Or at least hardens up your quivery bottom lip.  Pam, as usual - is fabulous.  "I'm weaing a wallmart sweatsuit for ya'all"  Indeed.

"I'm a gay vampire american" - oh this is going to be good.
Oh yes - "LOVE ME!!"  It is good.

"Its my sister, actually".  Oh good, keeping it classy, eh Eric?
Alcide - hey baby.

Oh damn - I hate it when you miss a completely obvious tooth in the middle of the floor after cleaning up a dead body.  With bleach and ammonia and lemons; and yet she didn't bother to mop or hoover?!  And despite being able to smell the layered cleaning products, Alcide cannot smell that string of human flesh?
I love it how these boys think any reason is a good reason to have Sook 'come stay at my house'.

And whats with Sook telling everyone?!  Its supposed to be her and Eric's secret!  I don't like what they are doing to the wolves - torturing Sam?  who the fuck are these thugs?  You have ruined the whole pack ethos, ABall.  For shame.
Oh poor Bill!
Eric is just so pleased with himself.  (also - yum).

Ike Applebaum?!  Brill.
Oh dear.  I didn't think Eric and Bill would be able to leave quite so easily.

I can't decide how I want vampire Tara to be - though Pam with progeny is going to be fun.  Plus Tara had the bi thing going on all ready...


Ok, so my first impressions are good - but then it has been a long time since the last, and abstinence absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?  However - more changes from cannon than ever before; I can't even imagine where this season is going.  First of all - what's up with the Authority bollocks?  And Tara as a vamp?  And Eric having a sister?  (though I did like Godric, it has kind of ruined a whole subplot in the books).

The second ep aired in the states last night, so we'll see where this is going soon enough.  In the mean time - yay!  Its like some old friends have come back for a visit.

Escapism!  Win!

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