Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This day

Just won't end.
Which is fine.  More time for writing.  But still - god.

On a side note - I think the snow weather is good for my hair.  Look Mum!  Little frizz! (its ok, you haven't seen the back...).


Still - it goes on.

Brill writing this week though - you can tell because I take breaks to do...other writing.  Weird.  But I'm taping a pendrive to the supe's door with a big sign for when he flies back into town: "big-ass thesis chapter herein".  It will feel good.

Got a parcel from my babies today, via their Nana; my dog wrote me a letter complaining about his big-brother-cat.  Was very cute.  Made my eyes do the stinging-threatening-to-tear bullshit thing that eyes do.  Hence the slightly melancholy tinge to my eyes in the above self gratuitous photography.  Narcissistic photography?  Bored self-photoshop'ing?  Photographing as a poor-mans mirror?  Whatevs.

The box included my fav Nana-knitted scarf (yes yes - because I sent all my winter shit up north never imagining I would still be here for winter proper), which featured in this pic Mum sent while packaging it up:
Such a cutie.

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