Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strange Sensations

You know those horrific slivers of nail which detach from the side and rip all the way back to your nail bed? Yeah, well, pulled one out - and now its infected.
Figure 1.  See the red?

Yay.  But - fascinating.  I was staring blankly at my screen contemplating a different version of a graph (don't ask), chin in hand and noted that bird-finger was warm, and the rest cold (as per usual, here).  All my little phagocytes & Co. are rushing to my finger to have a party right now.  (I did note the pain first of course, it was the heat that was surprising).
Figure 2.  Hell party?  Best kind.

A party which is stretching all the way back to the second knuckle-thing. (or proximal interphalangeal joint, if you will).  Hot enough to warm my lips, and exciting enough to detract interest from the current chapter (cough - shuddup you.  It is not that easy...).

Bet my immune-bitches will have it fixed by morning.  Bam.

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