Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Small Things

We printed up the most recent stock of 'HOD portraits' for the office wall last week (ex lab members, only with my penchant for procrastination and fear for the future continuation of traditions after I have gone- I went ahead and did the currant batch of kiddies too) and we found a wee brass split pin on the floor of the printery.

The Married One didn't immediately know what they were used for - and of course I was thrown straight back to kindy, and had to fashion a visual aide to help explanations.  Paper pad backing cardboard and highlighters.
I even signed it on the back using my left hand.  Very kindy.

...I also wrote 6 pages, so shuddup.


So I feel curious for you.  I mean these:

Faux Head of Dept portraits of all the people whom were an important part of the lab at one point or another.  It started as a joke with a phenomenal photo of The Oxford One for Secret Santa one year.

Good times.

They stretch all the way round to the other wall now, and the Supe tells me I have forgotten a couple of the ones who came before my time.  Will amend that as soon as I get pics to photoshop-play with.  Yay for beloved history!

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